Panels & Workshops

Doors open at 8:30am Saturday Dec 17th, plenary best place to buy cialis online begins at 9am. Doors open Sunday at 9am, organized trainings begin at 10am.

The schedule

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of panels and workshops is done! And we reserve all rights to move things if we must.

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Workshop/Panel Title Speakers and Moderators

Community Development & Opportunity in a Time of Austerity: Practical Policies to Advance Economic Justice in Local Communities

In the last decade, community development policy was often focused on how to leverage new development to achieve opportunity. In a time of public budget austerity and depressed development, what policies can municipalities adopt to advance economic opportunity on a local level? In this panel, we will explore the local fight for establishing a living wage in economic development projects, efforts to transform foreclosed and troubled apartment buildings into affordable housing, and how we can legalize the living conditions of tens

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of thousands of low-income New Yorkers, among other policies in New York City and elsewhere in the country.


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Diaz, Moses Gates, Dan Morris, John Petro, Michael Freedman-Schnapp

Stop Frisk! Racial profiling doesn’t work and degrades relationships between police officers and the people they serve. Find out how to organize against this ineffective and immoral policing “tactic”.
Councilman Jumaane Williams, Udi Ofer, Oona levitra online reviews Chatterjee, Kristen Gwynne
Using Political Power to Win Progressive Change What happens when progressive are elected to office? How do we pass progressive legislation? Progressive legislators and the former head of the talk about winning the fight inside and outside the halls of power.
NYC Councilman Brad Lander, Darcy Burner, CT Speaker of the House Chris Donovan, Justin Krebs
Religion and Organizing
Neighborhood Blogs Who are the bloggers in your neighborhood? NY is home to hyper-local blogs that play important roles in the communities they are based in. Meet these bloggers and get involved.
Yetta Kurlan, Rachel Figueroa-Levin
Challenging Machine Politics: Brooklyn’s Emerging Reform Movement Hear from progressive activists who are challenging and winning against corrupt machine politics in New York City. Want less corruption and better democrats? Begin here.
Lincoln Restler, Ede Fox
She Works Hard for the Money: Workers Rights in the Gender Segregated Workforce We erection size with viagra will be looking at where women congregate in the labor market and how this effects their access to job security, economic welfare and the legislation that would help bolster women’s place in the economy.
Corinna Barnard, Sherry Leiwant, Yana Walton, Christine Yvette Lewis, Bryce Covert
Privatize, We’re Watching You: Fighting Privatization UFT VP Leo Casey, Ken Bernstein, Susan Lerner
The Real Committee to Save New York: Fighting For the Millionaires Tax Corporate lobbyists called the “Committee to Save New York” have been saying State and Federal governments can no

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longer support “lavish benefits to public workers and those in need of public services because budgets must be slashed. Everyone must sacrifice.” Not true. While middle and working class Americans have been devastated by Great Recession, the wealthiest have done just fine, while their tax burden remains the lowest it’s been in over 40 years.The last few months have seen the emergence of a counter-narrative which focuses attention on economic inequality and a tax system in New York State out of kilter with notions of fairness and equality. Recently Governor Cuomo pushed through changes to the state income tax structure. Is it enough? What are its ramifications? This panel will look at those questions from a variety of perspectives.

State Senator Gustavo

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Rivera, Allison Sesso, Bobby Tolbert, Chris Keeley, Dr. Christopher Malone

After Marriage: What next for the LGBT Rights Movement? Adam Bink, Scott Wooledge, Michael Crawford, George Simpson, Michael Bouldin
Wisconsin: The Real

Story and Can It Happen Here? The occupation in Madison last Spring led to an uprising that saw over 100,000 in the streets, inspiring the nation at large. It put ‘occupy’ on the minds of activists across the country, and set a powerful precedent

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for how an Internet-powered occupation can make an impact. Now that Occupy Wall Street is transitioning and the Walker recall campaign is heating up, there couldn’t be a better time to assess past strategies and upcoming plans with the social media savvy on the ground organizers who made it happen.

Peter Rickman, Jenni Dye, John Quinlan, Xavier Lopez-Ayala, Harry Waisbren
The Obama Panel Mark Winston Griffith, Lindsay Beyerstein, L. Joy Williams, Ari Melber
Occupy Our Homes: Winning the Foreclosure War Against Banks and the Attorneys General They Paid For
The 99% percent are fed up with the Big Banks in the U.S. (and with good reason!). And now, they’re fighting back. Learn about the crimes and misdeeds of the banks, why state governments must block a weak settlement and the national movement for communities to take their money out of bad banks like Chase. Learn how advocates in CA successfully organized online and off to get their Attorney General to back away from a settlement deal and how Occupy The Boardroom and Occupy Our Homes are using creative tactics to pressure the banks online cialis and literally put families back into homes.
Ilana Berger, Harold Miller, Matt Lockshin, Matt Stoller, Greg Basta
OWS: How it happened, Why it sticks, What’s next? Was it really just an announcement on Adbusters or was there something else going on? Learn from original occupiers (and one from Occupy The Hood, in Pittsburgh) about the movement’s origins, why it’s caught on, and what they think next steps should be.
Jesse LaGreca, Jasiri X, Nelini Stamp, Biola JiJi, Allison Kilkenney
Mapping Technology & You – Ways to Impact NY Redistricting Join representatives of Common Cause/NY and Minkwon Center for Community Action to get an up-to-the- minute briefing on the status of New York State’s redistricting efforts and learn how you can impact the redrawing of political district lines. Get an exclusive preview of a soon-to-be launched interactive mapping website for New York State. Susan Lerner, Brian

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Paul, James Hong

OWS and Organizations: Collaborate, Don’t Co-opt Learn from successful collaborations between OWS activists and existing organizations such as Teamsters members on strike at Sotheby’s and – a campaign by community based organizations. Hear about common missteps established organizations make when trying to work with the Occupy movement.
Dave Martinez, Julian Tysh, Max Berger, Greg Basta, Florence Williams-Johnson
Twitter: Advanced Strategy and Mischief So you have a twitter account, you know what an RT is and how to use hashtags…what’s next? Come to this training and learn more about strategic use of Twitter for advocacy, internal communication within groups and more! Beth Becker
Twitter 101 A training for absolute beginners. Colin Delany
Effective and Affordable Online Advertising Learn how to use google adwords and facebook ads to boost your campaigns.
Laura Packard, Michael Whitney
Salsa 101 Learn how to use this popular Constituent Relationship Management program. Aka the thingy that sends targeted email blasts to your list.
Joe Dinkin
Pimp Your Video: How to Make it Work Without Baby PandasIn this session, Anna Mumford will facilitate a conversation about what works (and doesn’t work) for online video. Anna will discuss both what sorts of content works best, as well as some basic technical guidelines for making video look and sound good (without spending $10K). Confused about codecs, compressing and how you’re supposed to upload 8-gigabyte files? Anna is also happy to answer questions about how to efficiently get your videos off your computer and online. Anna Mumford
Voter Activation Network 101 NGP VAN is the leading technology

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provider to progressive campaigns and organizations, offering an integrated platform that combines the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, and new media products.This session will cover the basics with an overview of the general site layout as well as types of data found in VAN. This session is for anyone that has not used VAN, needs a refresher or has limited knowledge of the tools.

Torvic Vardamis
Voter Activation Network 102 This session will cover a basic overview of VAN

tools. There will be a focus on Phone Services, Blast email, MiniVAN and New Media tools and services.

Torvic Vardamis, Mike Liddell,
Introduction to Mobile Phone Campaigning
Online Fundraising that Respects Your Members Colin Delany,
Working With Consultants Without Getting Ripped Off The ancients spoke reverently of how she marched into the den of the creatures whose unspeakable hungers had terrorized the land, and how she mastered them, turning them from ferocious predators into docile beasts of burden. For these deeds, she was honored with the name “She-Who-Tamed-The-Consultants.” Follow in her footsteps at this session, where you’ll learn how to tell good consultants from bad, genericviagra-bestrxonline how to manage them once you’ve hired them, and how to ensure they deliver what you want on time and on budget.
Aaron Welch, Jason Lefkowitz
Online Organizing Strategies That Work Communities aren’t built, they’re found. Online petitions don’t have to be BS. A Crisis-pertunity can save the day. Important lessons from leading experts on online organizing.
Deanna Zandt, Matt Lockshin Michael Whitney,
Top Trends in Bad Websites So many trainings and talks focus on how to build your website “right.” We wanted to take a look at what many big name websites do wrong. Find out more about why and how strong visual design, readability and usability will make your site successful. Learn from the most common mistakes to build better experiences and is there a generic viagra more effectively communicate the progressive movement online.
Julie Blitzer, Chris Baily
How to Ensure Your Website Redesign is a Failure Aaron Welch
Using Social Media to Organize Low-Income Workers (and Teaching Your Members Online Organizing)
Olivia Leirer, Amber Sparks
Using Humor to Turbo Charge Your Activism Constant appeals to supporters for activism and donations, coupled with the ongoing recession, have many nonprofits concerned about supporter fatigue. How do you ask activists and donors for their support in a way that stands out, doesn’t get lost in the myriad of appeals, and also drives them to act? Join us for a fun, insightful training session showing you how you can use humor to attract new supporters, re-energize your existing base, and avoid falling victim to supporter fatigue. John Hlinko, Julianna Forlano
Herding Bloggers for Your Cause Beth Becker, Miriam Zoila Pérez, Jamia Wilson
Organizers’ Perspectives on OWS Early Occupiers who’ve worked in the labor movement and other longtime institutions of the left are joined here by experts on movement building and a Congressional candidate. They will examine

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the differences in culture, tactics and strategy between traditional organizing models and OWS. What are they learning from each other and where are the points of friction?

Mary Clinton, Nelini Stamp, Mario Dartayet-Rodriguez, Paul Getsos, Darcy Burner, Yotam Maron, Sarah Jaffe
Fighting the “Digital Divide” Myth Within Your Organization Is your organization resistant to building an online program? Have you suggested delving into online organizing only to be met with a chorus “Our members aren’t on Facebook,” or “Our folks don’t use email?” Then you’re in good company! Pretty much every organization that uses the internet as a tool for organizing low cipa canadian pharmacy income communities of color had to overcome the myth of the digital divide at some point.Join three experienced organizers for a spirited panel discussion. One part strategy session, one part group therapy; if your ushering the internet age into your organization, than this is the panel for you.
Elizabeth Jenkins, Olivia Leirer, Jeremy Saunders
Debunking Slacktivism: Organizing Online to Build Your Volunteer Base Learn how organizations across the country are using online tools to empower and scale up advocacy and organizing activities to get people out from behind the computer screen. Learn the keys to success and common pitfalls to building a thriving community of volunteers through online engagement.
Jesse Danzig
Presence and Authenticity: buy levitra Becoming a Media Star Media appearances are performances. To be a good performer, one needs tools and techniques. This session will teach the tools and techniques used by professional actors to create star presence through an interactive master class with Joel Silberman, New York theatrical director and media trainer to performers and successful progressive candidates, leaders, and media personalities. Joel Silberman
How to Scare Companies and Influence People Online As companies turn their attention to social media to increase their profits, those of us interested in defending viagra generic the public good have new opportunities for holding them accountable. Online petitions, Twitter, and Facebook have become staples of online organizing. In this conversation, we will discuss examples of creative online actions that had a significant impact on elections, workers rights, and the environment.
Elizabeth Jenkins
Winning Public Financing for New York Elections in 2012 (yes it can happen)
Jesse Laymon, State Senator Dan Squadron
So, You Need a Website: A DIY Guide For the Technically Challenged Your campaign or cause needs a new site, but you don’t have the budget to hire someone to build one for you. What do you do? You go FULL OUT PUNK ROCK, that’s what. You roll up your sleeves and DIY! You learn how to use the many free or inexpensive and easy-to-use tools out there to create what you need for yourself, rather than buying into the propaganda of the establishment power structure that says prescription price of cialis you can’t! Come to this session and learn how to choose the tools that are right for you, and how to get the most out of them.
Jason Lefkowitz
Occupy Wisconsin & Wall Street: interactive in-person & online discussion Join this conversation about how Wisconsin and Occupy activists across the country can better coordinate. It is designed to build relationships with those taking part in person and online, including a tweetchat and a combination of video and audio streaming.
Peter Rickman, Jenni Dye, John Quinlan, Xavier Lopez-Ayala, Harry Waisbren
Occupy Journalism: New Media in the Age of Occupy Wall Street Liza Sabater, Allison Kilkenny, Amity Paye, Josh Harkinson, Ayesha Kazmi, Dicey Troop
Economic Anxiety On Screen: A Film Lecture As the recession’s deepened, Hollywood’s production cycle has finally caught up to the crisis. And movies and television shows have moved from exploring what it feels like to be suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed, to looking at the causes of the economic downturn—and placing blame. Whether movies and television are treating Bernie Madoff-like Ponzi schemers as super-villains in pieces Colombiana to Tower Heist, or blaming specific practices like the non-dischargability of student loans in bankruptcy or the scourge of insider training, Hollywood is starting to tell specific, actionable stories. So what can we learn from Hollywood’s belated awakening about how to deliver powerful messages to audiences once they turn off their TV sets and
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Alyssa Rosenberg
The Most Important Elected Official You’ve Never Heard of (and How You Can Become One) Political parties are only as corrupt as canadian network pharmacy we let them be. In New

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York state there is an elected party position that has a direct influence on the party platform, organizing campaigns, and selecting nearly half of the candidates who go on to

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win legislative office. Unfortunately half the seats go vacant. With relatively little work (approx 1 day) to get on the ballot, you can become an elected official and directly influence the democratic party and begin to effect change from the bottom up. Come hear why this unknown office has the potential to revolutionize politics and learn the nuts and bolts on how to run order viagra and win.

Matt Cowherd, Sarah Baker
Writing for the Web Science has proven that most writing

for online publication totally sucks; including, sadly, yours. What? You didn’t know? Science is sorry to have to break the news to you. The good news, though, is that Science can show you how to write online copy that works — that drives actions, donations, and opinions. Science is happy to share this information with you, as an apology for the hurtful things Science said a couple of sentences ago. Science was having a bad day and lashing out, that’s all. Science is so, so sorry. Come to this session and let Science make it up to you by teaching you the secrets of effective online copy.

Jason Lefkowitz
Herding Bloggers for Your Cause Some might say that trying to get bloggers to write about things upon request is tougher than nailing jello to a tree…the bloggers and netroots outreach specialists on this panel will prove otherwise. Learn how to make friends with bloggers and get them to help spread the good word with tips and tricks and a few case studies too.
Beth Becker, Miriam Zoila Pérez, Jamia Wilson
NationBuilder– NationBuilder provides both a website and a CRM in one integrated service designed specifically for organizing communities. It’s especially useful for political campaigns and non-profits who used to have to pay thousands of dollars for outdated tools and the techies required to keep it all working. It’s also useful for anyone organizing a community — online or offline — from PTAs to sports fan sites. Adriel Hampton