Welcome to my blog, the benefits of blogging

Hello, welcome to my blog, what are the benefits of blogging?
1. The first one definitely deepens your understanding and memory of knowledge.
2. When writing a blog, because you want to explain this problem to others, you must stand in the position of the reader to think about the problem, then you have a process of empathy, such as how to make a clear explanation for a person who does not understand anything. Problem, this improves the ability to explain something to others
3. When you find that your blog is read and someone likes you, you will be very happy and promote your writing. It is not far from your next one.
4. There are still some people who are careful to find the mistakes in your blog and point them out, which gives you a new harvest.
5. When you write the blog, you will find that you have slowly entered this circle, maybe you have met some people, maybe you haven’t seen each other, but you know them on the website and know that they are big cattle in this respect.
6. If you can keep blogging, it is also a kind of perseverance exercise.
7. When your blog is full of many excellent articles, it not only records the course of your learning, but it is also a good resume.
8. I think blogs are written for you. Many times when we forget a certain knowledge, we don’t know where to look. When you write enough, many times you can review on your blog, and thus greatly Save time
9. When you are old, look at your blog again, and you will be glad that you started writing your first blog.

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